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Alfagy B205 Biogas CHP & Cogeneration

Brand: RSE
Product Code: B205E
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Weight: 3,133.00kg
Dimensions: 3,740.00mm x 1,040.00mm x 2,040.00mm
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* Medium Heat Recovery:

Alfagy B205E CHP

Our Combined Heat and Power (CHP) biogas unit allows for the simultaneous production of electricity and hot water. There is a layout for parallel operation with the national grid or as an option with emergency operation, island, or island parallel operation with other generators. The unit is supplied as a ready build, compact unit. Gasā€engine and generator are connected with a flexible coupling and mounted on the baseframe with anti-vibration mounts. It includes heat exchangers for the jacket water and exhaust and a primary exhaust silencer are also fitted on the same frame and are ready piped. To compensate for the oil consumption within one maintenance interval, the unit is equipped with a lube oil make up tank and a automatic lube oil level control on the engine oil pan.

The CHP produces 205 kWe and 227 kWt with an overall efficiency at 81.8% where the electrical efficiency is 38.8%.

The unit weighs around 3698 kg or 8153 lbs.  The CHP has the following dimensions (LxHxW): 3943 x 2058 x 1440 mm or 155.2 x 81.0 x 56.7 inches.

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